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Tawny Powell


Manager of Homebuyer Education and Counseling at Committed to Communities

Greater Atlanta Area Program Development


As a Housing Counselor she maintains a wealth of knowledge about the home buying process, down payment assistance in the state of Georgia, and personal financial management. Having taken many courses through NeighborWorks America, has started a Student Loan Counseling initiative, and serves as a backup Homebuyer Education Trainer for RRC.

Prior to RRC, most of her experience was in teaching, tutoring and mentoring youth, ages 12-18, mainly in inner city environments. Trained in Restorative Justice Philosophy and Methods, which is a process she wholeheartedly believes in, and would love to deepen those skills and put them to use into community projects.

With an educational background in Sociology of International and Community Development, which provides a great framework in understanding the impacts of community work on a broader scale. It was also great method of training, which enables her to be exceptionally adept at constructing surveys, interview guides and focus group questionnaires, and analyzing data to draw meaningful results and help better tell our agency's story to potential funders.

Always seeking to further expand her engagement of disenfranchised members of the community to help those individuals find their voice & being small catalysts for positive change.


Financial Education, Credit Counseling, Student Loan Counseling, Customer Service, Client Database Management, Social Media Marketing and Wordpress, Survey Construction and Analysis, Interviewing, Focus Groups, Creative and Academic Writing, Event Coordination and Event Hosting



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Tawney Powell

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